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Can more than one cremation be performed at a time?

No. Not only is it not morally correct and a practical impossibility, but it is illegal to do so. The majority of modern cremation chambers are not designed to house more than one adult. No reputable crematory engages in practices such as this.

How can you be certain that you will receive the correct remains?

All responsible cremation providers have thorough operating policies and procedures in order to provide the highest level of service and reduce the possibility of human error. We follow the recommended cremation practices of The Cremation Association of North America. Additionally, our crematory utilizes a personalized barcode computer system which allows us to track the deceased from the time they are placed in our care until they are delivered to the family.

How is this low price for a private cremation possible?

Several factors make our low prices possible. We are a family owned and operated business, that also owns the a crematory (Allen & Shaw Cremations Inc. and the property in which it resides. Whenever possible, we employ our own transportation personnel and utilize our staff to perform every administrative task involved. In addition, we are effectively using internet and advances in technology to save on labor and facility costs.

What are death certificates needed for?

Death certificates are necessary to close out a person’s affairs and to claim benefits and insurance for relatives and spouses. You can also use them to complete legal procedures to ensure that the person’s death is registered. If you need further explanations, please speak with one of our directors.

Do we include an urn?

Yes, our fee includes a black polypropylene urn suitable for shipping, or keeping at home.

Do our fees include Death Certificates?

While we file the original Death Certificate with the State of Florida, our fees do not include any death Certificates you may require.

Do our fees include the alternative container as required by the crematory and the State of Florida?

Yes, our fee includes a basic alternative container.

Can you help with an obituary?

Yes, we can help you place a free obituary on our website.

Do you offer other merchandise?

Yes, we have a wide selection of adult urns available, engraving available , along with keepsake urns.

Is the Medical Examiner fee included?

Yes, the medical examiner may charge a cremation permit fee which varies by county and is included in our direct cremation price.
Miami-Dade - $65.00
Broward - $60.94
Palm Beach - $50.00

How long does it take to receive our loved ones ashes/cremains?

It typically takes an estimated 5 to 15 business days from the time your loved one is in our care and all Allen & Shaw documents are in order. We ask families to not schedule anything that would require the ashes or death certificates until they are in your possession.