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Direct Cremation Fee Includes

  • 24 Hour Availability to respond to your request for services
  • Personal consultation with legally authorized person(s)
  • Transportation of the decedent from place of death
  • Refrigerated care of decedent until cremation
  • Obtaining cremation approval from County Medical Examiner
  • Preparation & delivery of original death certificate to doctor
  • Securing Cremation and Transit Permits
  • Recording original death certificate with Vital Statistics
  • Ordering certified copies of Death Certificate
  • Notification to Social Security Administration
  • Cremation process using a rigid fiberboard container
  • Release of the cremains in simple container to designated person
Additional Fees That May Apply

Medical Examiner


Transportation ()

Mailing Cremains


Scattering of Cremains at Sea

Container, Casket & Urn

Alternative Container

Implant Removal Fee ()

Death Certificates



There are no additional costs or hidden charges.